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Avoid Misclassification of Employees & Independent Contractors

Do you know if your workers are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt?  Does your business use independent contractors and should they be properly classified as employees? Are any of your employees computer professionals? Do they properly fall under the computer professional exemption?
These and other important questions will be answered at our upcoming wage and hour seminar.  We will explore the various exemptions to overtime requirements, help you determine under what circumstances independent contractors really are independent contractors, and provide guidance to help you avoid an expensive wage and hour claim.
This seminar will include information about the most misunderstood exemptions to the overtime laws, the computer professional exemption and the administrative exemption, case law development over the last year, and practical tips on how to begin a wage and hour audit of your business.
Topics include:
- How to determine whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt;
- How to determine whether your independent contractors are properly classified;
- Using the computer professional and administrative exemptions;
- Avoiding expensive wage and hour lawsuits.
Who should attend:
This seminar is important for all HR professionals, business owners and managers, and others who make important day-to-day decisions regarding the employment functions of their businesses.
Cost:  Complimentary admission including continental breakfast
Dress Code:  Business casual
Registration:  7:30 am
Presentation:  8:00 am - 10:00 am