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How to Advise Your Clients to Update Their CGL Policy for 2011

In How to Advise Your Clients to Update Their CGL Policy for 2011, ExecSense examines important changes that insurance lawyers and their clients need to make when re-negotiating and updating their all-important Comprehensive General Liability policies in 2011. Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad, Kindle or printed out) to understand where and why to make these changes, as well as valuable negotiation tips, tricks, and techniques so that your clients’ new CGL policy for 2011 incorporates the most important legal decisions, developments, and trends from the past year. This webinar also includes a sample CGL policy in Microsoft Word, with the 2011 changes and updates highlighted, that you can use and modify any way you like.

If you cannot call-in to attend the webinar and view the presentation at 4:30 EST, Friday, April 1st, ExecSense will email you the PowerPoint, audio and supplementary files by the next day for viewing at your convenience during your next commute, business trip, flight, lunch, or free hour in your schedule (you simply need to register before the webinar occurs).

The webinar is led by an expert on negotiating and updating CGL policies in 2011, Stephen Erigero, and focuses on:

• Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about the most important changes to CGL policies that insurance lawyers and their clients are negotiating in 2011, why they are seeking these changes, and how this impacts your clients

• An example of a CGL policy containing these updated and re-negotiated terms that you can customize, change and use in any way you like

• Answers to the ten questions most asked by insurance lawyers about what new or revised terms are being negotiated for CGL policies in 2011, and whether their clients should also be re-negotiating these provisions

• Case studies of how other CGL policies are now being re-negotiated and updated to incorporate recent legal developments and financial trends, and important lessons learned from other insurance lawyers

Praise for ExecSense Webinars:

"An expeditious way to obtain authoritative current information and ideas on a subject of interest." – David Kera, Partner, Oblon Spivak

"Just in time information to improve knowledge of current topics and trends.” – Thomas M. Armstrong, Attorney, Reid and Riege

“Well organized, well articulated, and easy to follow. The ExecSense webinar I attended was the best virtual learning experience I've had in quite some time.” – Brian K. Moore, HR Communications, Humana

As with any ExecSense webinar, if you are not 100% satisfied with this webinar, you can exchange it for any other webinar. Upon ordering, ExecSense will email you the call-in number for you to listen from your office or mobile phone while viewing the PowerPoint slides (while you can view the PowerPoint online as a webinar, we will also be emailing you the PowerPoint file so you can listen offline, print out the slides, or even transfer the slide jpegs to view on your Blackberry/iPhone/iPod/iPad/Kindle).

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April 1, 2011
Online Webinar