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Wine, Beer & Spirits - Representative Experience

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  • Wine Beer and Spirits, litigation
  • Superior Court of California
  • Spirits Manufacturer
  • Robert A. Rivas
  • Client, famous spirits brand manufacturer, sued US importer for rescission of US importation and distribution network allowing Tequila Cazadores to be sold to Bacardi and restructuring of US importation and distribution.  

  • Confidential Settlement allowing Tequila Cazadores to be sold to Bacardi.

  • Trade Dress, Spirits
  • United States District Court, Central District
  • Spirits Brand Manufacturer
  • Robert A. Rivas
  • Celebrity-owned vodka brand, Crystal Head Vodka, sued client Kah Tequila brand manufacturer alleging trade dress infringement over design and shape of a spirits bottle claiming the calavera shaped tequila bottle infringed trade dress of crystal skull vodka bottle. 

  • Successful on motion to dismiss second amended complaint allowing brand to launch and go on to sell hundreds of thousands of cases.

  • wine beer and spirits transactional manufacturing
  • Spirits Brand Owner and Manufacturer
  • Robert A. Rivas
  • Developed the structure of a spirits brand and negotiated and drafted international production, manufacturing, importation and distribution as well as master distiller agreements.   Negotiated and drafted trademark sales proceeds agreement.