• How to Prove an Attorney’s Reasonable Hourly Fee
    California Lawyer - 11/17/2015
    By Gerald G. Knapton

    Partner Gerald G. Knapton authored the California Lawyer article titled, “How to Prove an Attorney’s Reasonable Hourly Fee.” The piece delves into three resources attorneys can use when evaluating rate requests: 1) the “Laffey Matrix,” offering tiered rates for lawyers, differentiated according to years of experience; 2) the “Real Rate Report,” a commercially prepared report of actual rates that have been paid by real clients; and 3) the “Legal Billing Report,” a compilation of hourly rates from bankruptcy court filings organized by case and timekeeper.

  • Can You Prove Your Hourly Rate To The Court?
    Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal - October 19, 2015
    By Gerald G. Knapton

    Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley P.C. Partner Gerald G. Knapton authored the Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal article “Can you prove your hourly rate to the court?” The piece explores resources available for structuring attorney fee applications, arming readers with tools for evaluating the strength of requests and for presenting to the court or negotiating with opposing counsel. 

  • Making The California Assumption Of Risk Doctrine Work For You
    Law360 - 5/12/15
    By Julian Pardo de Zela

    The doctrine of assumption of risk is a legal defense that may operate to relieve a California owner or occupier of and from liability to third parties who are injured on their premises. One species of the doctrine, primary assumption of risk, has seen a recent expansion. This is welcome news. At the same time, courts have become more cautious in their application of the express assumption of risk doctrine. Land owners and occupiers should understand the importance of both of these developments.

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