• Government Assurance Aside, Marijuana Money Still Risky for Banks
    American Banker - 8/25/2014
    By Nicole S. Healy

    Partner Nicole Healy published the article “Government Assurance Aside, Marijuana Money Still Risky for Banks.” In the article, Healy discusses the risks for financial institutions in doing business with state-licensed marijuana dealers. Although approximately 20 states now allow for the sale of medical marijuana under some circumstances, financial institutions risk considerable exposure if they provide services to marijuana-related businesses, which remain illegal under federal law.

  • Terminating At-Will Employees
    Human Resources Online - 7/15/2014
    By Julian Pardo de Zela

    Attorney Julian Pardo de Zela authored the article “Terminating At-Will Employees.” In the article, Pardo de Zela examines the legal issues which arise from the termination of “at-will” employment relationships. In general, Pardo de Zela notes, employers have substantial flexibility to terminate at-will employees, as the “mere existence of an employment relationship does not create a legally recognized protection that employment will continue.” The article details four major exceptions when this flexibility is limited and recommends actions employers can take to protect themselves against “implied” employment contracts, which occur if an employee could reasonably conclude from an employer’s words or actions that he or she would not be terminated without cause.

  • Texas Jury Awards $2.925M In Damages In Hydraulic Fracturing Verdict In Suit For Nuisance: Parr, Et Al. v. Aruba Petroleum, Inc., Et Al. Dallas County Court At Law No. 5 Case No. Cc-11-01650-E
    ABA Committee News - 7/11/14
  • Today's General Counsel
    Permissible Limits On Employee Social Media - 7/11/14
    By Julian Pardo de Zela

    Attorneys Lisa E. Aguiar and Julian Pardo de Zela authored the article “Permissible Limits on Social Media.” In the article, the authors examine the legal issues which arise when employees use social media to comment on their employers and the conditions of their employment. The authors discuss several recent opinions issued by the National Labor Relations Board which define when employee communications are protected under the relevant federal regulations and, alternatively, when employees can be legally disciplined or terminated for their social media communications.

  • Insurers Beware: Reimbursement for Defense Under Reservation of Rights
    Claims Journal - 4/28/14
    By Stacy Monahan Tucker
  • The Changing Face of Right to Reimbursement for Defenses Provided under Reservation of Rights
    Property Casualty 360 Magazine - 3/5/14
    By Stacy Monahan Tucker
  • Early Claim Investigation
    CARL WARREN & COMPANY Connects - February 2014
    By Scott W. Bermack

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