• The Sounds of Silence in Bernal Heights
    San Francisco Chronicle - December 3, 2003
    By John Shinal
    Legally, if a copyright is not enforced within a reasonable amount of time, the copyright holder loses the right to enforce it. For that reason, ASCAP, which has 4,000 licensees in California, routinely goes after small, unlicensed clubs for copyright infringements, said Robert Andris, a copyright attorney in Redwood City. "Generally, the bar or restaurant signs up," Andris said.
  • "East Meets West"
    San Francisco Daily Journal - December 1, 2003
    By Erik Cummins

    "The United States is the world's biggest capital market and the world's biggest consumer market," said Chi-Hung Chan, a corporate lawyer at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley in Redwood City. "Those are two things that are attractive to Chinese companies.

  • For Sale in Oakland: 1 Room, Great View, Quiet Neighborhood, $250,000
    New York Times - October 30, 2003
    By Patricia Leigh Brown

    Richard M. Williams of Redwood City, a lawyer who represents Mountain View, said Mr. Schiffeler's plan requires a court order. "It would be difficult," Mr. Williams said, "to persuade a judge that whoever built that mausoleum didn't intend it to be permanent."

  • "New Wave"
    Daily Journal Extra - September 29, 2003
    By Erik Cummins
    Related to Todd A. Roberts

    "The simple answer is that the typical comprehensive general liability policy was never intended to apply to such claims," says Todd Roberts, a partner at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley in Redwood City. "The insured has not paid a premium for such coverage, and the language of the policy does not support an extension of coverage except in narrow situations."

  • Pomona City Yard Polluted - Test underway to determine severity
    Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - August 7, 2003
    By Monica Rodriguez

    Thomas H. Clarke, Jr., the City of Pamona's environmental lawyer, said the city has "taken the bit and spared no expense and will move as quickly as it possibly can" to address the problem.


    The city is taking steps itself to determine the extent of and severity of the problem to expedite the process, Clarke said, adding that if the city was to seek the assistance of state environmental officials, the needed studies could take six months to a year to complete, Clarke said.

  • "Art, Commerce Clash in Exhibit"
    Associated Press (National Syndication) - July 25, 2003
    By Ron Harris

    Partner Robert Andris in the Redwood City office is quoted in Ron Harris' article, "Art, Commerce Clash in Exhibit," regarding the challenges corporations / companies are facing in protecting their copyrighted intellectual property. The article was syndicated nationally and throughout Canada.

  • Be Prepared, San Jose Lawyers Warn Few Judges Suffer Fools Gladly, "but Gregory Ward, who's as smart as they come, really doesn't."
    Daily Journal - July 3, 2003
    By Craig Anderson
    Related to Stephan A. Barber

    Stephan Barber, an attorney at Ropers Majeski Kohn and Bentley in San Jose, said the rulings in his recent case were correct and Ward "moved the case along well."

  • Announcement
    Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal - June 27, 2003
    Acknowledgement of associate Kathryn C. Curry’s elevation to partner.
  • Announcement
    The National Law Journal ["Movers", section] - June 9, 2003
    The elevations of Kathryn C. Curry, Terry Anastassiou and Kim Karelis to partner.
  • Firm Ranking
    Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal - June 6, 2003
    Firm is ranked eighth in a 2003 listing of largest law firms in Silicon Valley (by number of lawyers).
  • They're the ones to call when you get into trouble.
    San Francisco Chronicle - March 11, 2003
    By Harriet Chiang, Chronicle Legal Affairs Writer

    Lassart is a tenacious bulldog in the courtroom, a grueling opponent who some consider one of the best lawyers in the group. "He was known as a 'take- no-prisoners' prosecutor during the 12 years he was here"

  • “Supreme Court to take up Nike and free speech; S.F. activist sued, saying firm lied about working conditions,”
    San Francisco Chronicle - January 11, 2003
    By Bob Egelko

    San Francisco attorney Tom Clarke, who represents the Council of PR Firms, said the state court's definition of commercial speech -- or advertising -- was so broad that virtually no one with a financial motive is protected -- for example, an author promoting a book, or a politician or interest group raising funds.

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