• VMWare reprend Trango
    Capital Finance - 11/24/08
    By Les Echos
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    Les Echos n° 908 du • page 11 CAPITAL FINANCE : FUSIONS ACQUISITIONS LOGICIELS VMware reprend Trango Pour un montant proche de 50 M Euros, l'éditeur californien de logiciels de virtualisation VMware met la main sur son homologue français Trango Virtual Processors. Et ce après quelques mois de négociation seulement. Les manageurs-fondateurs, les salariés et l'éditeur de logiciels Elsys Design ont cédé l'intégralité de leurs parts.

  • VMWare Buys France-Based Trango Mobile Virtualization Company
    San Jose Mercury News - 11/11/08
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    VMware, the biggest maker of programs that let computers run multiple operating systems, bought closely held Trango Virtual Processors to gain technology that puts virtualization software in mobile phones. VMware, which made the acquisition last month, announced the acquisition in a statement Monday, without giving details. Grenoble, France-based Trango is one of three companies developing virtualization software for phones, according to research firm Gartner. The programs allow handsets to run several operating systems at once.

  • Compete Without the Noncompete
    Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal - 10/17/08
    By William-Arthur Haynes

    In matters of state law, however, the state Supreme Court has the final word. California courts are bound by what its own courts say, not by what federal appellate courts say, according to employment attorney Andrew Wolfe, a partner at Redwood City-based Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley.

  • Builders, Lawyers Prepare for SB800 - Claims Six years after the bill was signed into law, questions still arise
    California Real Estate Journal - 08/11/08
    Related to Frank J. Pagliaro

    "You have to remember the provisions on SB800 envision that the homeowner and the contractor are going to be dealing with each other, and it doesn't necessarily dictate involvement of attorneys," said Frank Pagliaro, a partner at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley in Redwood City.


    For Pagliaro, the issue with the law is how realistic the timelines are leading up to the intended resolution. Under SB800, a general contractor has 14 days to visit a project after a claim is filed and then 30 days to either repair the problem or pay money to the claimant.

  • AG Seeks Restitution for Homeowners From Countrywide
    The Daily Journal - 06/26/08
    By Peter B. Matuszak

    Richard L. Charnley, a partner at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley who leads the firm's recently reconstituted mortgage litigation task force, questioned the timing and potential restitution of the lawsuit.
    "A lot of people made a lot of money off the securitization of mortgages," Charnley said. "What the attorney general is now doing is taking the side of people that lost a lot of money. Where was the attorney general when this was going on in 2001, 2002 or 2003? Did the business model change leading up to the lawsuit or was it the same? I think it was the same.

  • HCL Technologies Acquires Capital Stream, Inc., a US based industry leader in lending automation solutions
    Press Release - 02/20/08
    Related to Michael J. Ioannou

    HCL Technologies Acquires Capital Stream, Inc., a US based industry leader in lending automation solutions

    The strategic acquisition will enhance HCL’s offerings in the Financial Services Sector

    NOIDA, February 20, 2008 – HCL Technologies, today announced the acquisition of Capital Stream, Inc., a US based leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end lending and straight through processing solutions to commercial banks and finance companies in North America, including Prospecting and Sales, Credit Analysis, Due Diligence, Documentation and Portfolio Monitoring.

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