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California's E-Discovery Rules Blaze National Trail

Law360 - 6/18/2014

By Erin Coe

Partner Lael D. Andara was quoted in the article “California's E-Discovery Rules Blaze National Trail.” In the article, Andara discusses a proposed State Bar of California e-discovery guidance that would establish an ethical obligation by attorneys in California to meet a basic level of understanding of e-discovery issues and to seek external assistance regarding e-discovery when appropriate. "Asking questions [regarding e-discovery] in the beginning is the first step," Andara observes. "Attorneys aren't going to have a problem if they are talking to their client, asking where the data is and who has it, and meeting with opposing counsel to determine how electronic data is going to impact the case. But if they put their head in the sand and ignore electronic data or deal with it as an afterthought, it will become an issue." (Full article - subscription required)