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Michael J. Ioannou Speaks at the SEMICON Seminar


Used Equipment: The Global Secondary Market

July 12, 2006
Moscone West

· Moderator: Gary Alexander - President, AMC International and Executive Director of SEC/N
· Mr. Takashi Kumagai – President, SEMI Japan
· Mr. Tim Hayden – President / CEO Rite track and President, SEC/N
· Mr. Mark Ding – President, SEMI China
· Mr. Grant Konecny – Remarketing Business Development, GE GES
· Mr. Michael Ioannou – Partner, Ropers, Majeski, Kohn, & Bentley


The secondary market for semiconductor equipment continues to grow both in size and scope. More and more companies are recognizing the value of selling their surplus assets and/or purchasing pre-owned equipment, but many have only a limited understanding of the market’s dynamics.
This seminar takes a global look at the secondary market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment including the key opportunities and challenges from the perspective of various market segments. Specific emphasis in this seminar is given to the topic of intellectual property.
You will learn:
· Why SEC/N and SEMI have come together to co-produce secondary market seminars at SEMICON Shows worldwide
· How and why some companies have chosen to take a leadership role and the objectives they are striving to accomplish
· How various market segments view the global evolution of the secondary market
· How the opportunities for reselling equipment are changing
· What the most significant challenges are that the secondary equipment market faces today
· What makes intellectual property such a hot issue in the global secondary market
· Why WTO countries have suddenly taken an interest and what actions their governments are taking
· What the future holds
Who should attend:
· Managers who are searching for successful secondary market strategies
· Individuals who want to better understand the global opportunities and challenges involved in buying and selling used equipment
· Buyers and sellers of used and refurbished equipment
· Representatives from companies currently involved in servicing and supporting the secondary market
· Government officials who want to learn more about the secondary market