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  • As Spinach Fears Subside, Lawsuits Against Dole Don't

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As Spinach Fears Subside, Lawsuits Against Dole Don't

Los Angeles Business Journal - 11/06/06

By Emily Bryson York
The suit states that the litigation comes years after the alleged exposure because the workers did not know that they were sterile and that the chemical could be a cause of the problem.

Tom Clarke, a partner at Ropers Majeski Kohn Bentley LLP and an expert in pesticides and toxic tort litigation, said he doubts bringing the cases to the United States will be successful, given the difficulties in pursuing such cases in U.S. courts.

"With all of these kinds of toxic tort cases, one of the problems any plaintiff has is what's called causation, proving the substance at issue caused the damage that's alleged," said Clarke, who believes that Dole may continue to a hard line against settling the cases.