Attorney Profiles

Lael D. Andara


Partner — Redwood City


Lael Andara joined RMKB in 2002 and is a partner in the Silicon Valley office where he focuses on technology and intellectual property litigation, with a particular emphasis on patent litigation. He is a registered Patent Attorney and has developed and initiated strategies in high-stakes intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright, trademark, false advertising, licensing, ITC investigations and trade secret matters.

Mr. Andara has a reputation for managing complex disputes efficiently and creatively. He prides himself on identifying and discovering the critical and concealed facts and communicating them to the parties or, where required, the jury in a form that is easily understood and appreciated to make an informed decision. He has successfully navigated issues arising where a client is both asserting its patent rights and defending against simultaneous charges of infringement.

Mr. Andara, like many of his clients, has a focus on cutting edge technology and has adapted technology-related advancements in eDiscovery to enhance his practice by reducing costs while increasing efficiency and security of his client’s information. He is chair of RMKB’s eDiscovery practice group.  Lael holds the International Association of Privacy Professional’s United State Certification and is a Member of the ACEDS Advisory Board.

Mr. Andara counsels both domestic and international clients on a wide variety of intellectual property matters, including Intellectual Property acquisition, portfolio management, litigation, licensing, and dispute resolution.


  • Representing a Singaporean company in a lawsuit filed in federal court in trademark infringement claims, and in a separate action in state court for unfair competition and trade secrets claims.  The matter involves the theft of trade secrets, false and deceptive use of trademarks, and conversion of plaintiff employees by Defendant to steal plaintiff U.S. customers in consumer electronics industry. 
  • Represented the plaintiff in a patent enforcement action related to television tuner technology against competitor with claims pending before the International Trade Commission, United States Patent and Trademark office and litigation in the Northern District of California.
  • Defended a computer server manufacturer in a patent litigation case pending in the Eastern District of Texas. Settled the matter with a non-practicing entity on behalf of the client and its customers.
  • Identified patent infringement at the Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) in Las Vegas, and immediately brought an action in the District Court in Las Vegas. Obtained a temporary restraining order and had the product removed off of the CES floor. Within nine months of bringing suit obtained permanent injunction for the client.
  • Defended a startup company that had manufactured and developed a generic glucose test strips that were compatible with the Lifescan one touch meters. Patent infringement litigation was brought by Lifescan along with FDA challenges, and the matter was successfully resolved by settlement.
  • Secured a modified injunction and additional sanctions on behalf of our client, the plaintiff manufacturer, who alleged patent infringement by competing manufacturers of integrated electric servo motors used in motion control applications such as robots and assembly lines. 
  • Successfully argued an appeal before the Federal Circuit in D.C., representing the defendant manufacturer who allegedly infringed a patent for cooling devices used in personal computers. The five-day jury trial in Philadelphia resulted in a mixed verdict, which found that plaintiff’s patent-dependent claims were invalid, but that the individual claims were not.  Reversed for new trial.
  • Obtained a confidential settlement that enabled a local government entity to acquire a disputed URL from a travel professional who had registered a website encouraging people to visit a famous California wine destination via the local airport. Our client alleged trademark infringement and cyberpiracy, demonstrating that that trademark had first been registered for the airport in 1946, more than 50 years before the defendant purchased the domain name, and the mark was still in use. 
  • Counseled and helped develop policy on US privacy and security regulations impacting the autonomous vehicle industry for foreign manufacturer related to data ownership and privacy.   
  • Successfully settled a case pending in Wyoming for over 10 years on behalf of a semiconductor client who has been accused of patent infringement. 
  • Successfully defended a patent infringement case in Boston based on allegations made against our client who has a distributor of cryogenic labels used in medical industry, such as the CDC. 
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement for the plaintiff, a manufacturer, in a breach of contract lawsuit arising out of an earn-out provision in a contract for the purchase of our client's Software as Service (SaaS) business that allowed web designers to see what their proposed web pages would look like when employing various internet browsers.  
  • Favorably settled a suit filed against our clients when their former employer alleged trade secrets misappropriation after our clients opened a competing business manufacturing components for personal computers and other electronic devices. We established that the majority of the so-called “proprietary” information was, in fact, public knowledge in the industry. 
  • Successfully counseled a client through the USPTO revision and prosecution process to obtain a cannabis medicinal composition patent.