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Jennifer E. Acheson - Representative Experience

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  • Conversion; Unfair Business Practices; Bad Faith; Negligence
  • San Francisco County Superior Court
  • Defendant Insurer
  • AppellateBad FaithCoverageInsurance Services
  • Represented an insurance company who was named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit stemming from an auto collision. The plaintiff sued our client for the loss of his vehicle and unfair business practices when a driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck the plaintiff’s vehicle causing total damage to the vehicle’s front end.

  • The matter proceeded to a jury trial in San Francisco Superior Court and our client prevailed. The plaintiff was then unsuccessful in his attempt to appeal the verdict.

  • Breach of Contract; Bad Faith Claims
  • Colusa County Superior Court
  • Defendant Insurer
  • Bad FaithBusiness and Commercial LitigationCoverageInsurance Services
  • Represented an insurer against claims for breach of contract and bad faith claims handling. The plaintiff, a regional medical center, hired a construction company insured by our client to install a new roof on the plaintiff’s hospital. A subsequent rainstorm caused damage to the property after the construction company failed to take precautions to cover a section of the roof. Our client denied coverage based on policy exclusions based on faulty, inadequate and defective workmanship.

  • Damages claimed by the plaintiff were in excess of $1.3 million. The dispute settled before trial for less than half of the damages claimed, a favorable result for our client.

  • Breach of Contract; Fraud; Unfair Business Practices
  • San Francisco County Superior Court
  • Plaintiff
  • Bad FaithBusiness and Commercial LitigationCoverageInsurance Services
  • Represented a plaintiff in an action for breach of contract, fraud, and unfair business practices against the owner of a consignment piano shop. The defendant sold the plaintiff’s piano without permission and did not turn over the proceeds from the sale.

  • A default judgment was entered against the defendant for money damages and the return of the piano to our client. Following the defendant’s declaration of bankruptcy, the matter resulted in the criminal prosecution of the defendants by The San Francisco District Attorney for felony counts of grand theft, embezzlement, and restitution.