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RMKB represents companies in antitrust litigation involving monopolization, conspiracy, distribution, tying and other claims, including claims based on state unfair competition statutes.  Our antitrust team handles individual and class actions.  We have defended horizontal price fixing actions, predatory pricing claims, and actions brought under California's Unfair Practices Act and Cartwright Act. 

RMKB also counsels businesses on the antitrust implications of pricing, licensing, and distribution methods and agreements.  RMKB assist clients with respect to compliance with competition laws on pricing issues, such as discount, advertising, and rebate programs.  We advise competitors and trade associations on antitrust compliance and the proper scope of communications and cooperation among member companies.

RMKB recognizes the growing concerns for antitrust compliance in the increasingly global economy.  With the globalization of business and the economy, antitrust issues frequently arise concerning foreign companies operating in the US, and vice versa.  RMKB assists clients in the progressively more complex task of conforming their business practices to comply with the often conflicting laws in multiple jurisdictions.