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Unfair Business Practices

Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of unfair business practice claims (17200 matters) as well as Kasky-related issues (17500) since California’s threshold case in this area was handed down in 1998-- Stop Youth Addiction, Inc. v. Lucky Stores. The California Supreme Court has recognized that virtually any violation of law for regulation could form the basis for a 17200 claims and nearly all actions of a regulatory nature have included claims under 17200.

In particular, the firm has handled 17200 matters on issues including:

  • The illegal burning of hazardous waste
  • False advertising
  • Improper discharge of pesticides
  • Failure to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Bad faith processing of insurance claims
  • Price fixing
  • Violations of California weight and measure requirements
  • Violation of nursing home standards
  • Improper labeling of consumer products