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Toxic Tort

The RMKB toxic tort practice group has significant experience in the defense of manufacturers and distributors of material claimed to cause injury and damage to persons, property and natural resources. This firm has defended many property owners against claims of personal injury and property damage from the most esoteric chemical exposures to the presence of mold.

The asbestos section of our toxic tort group has successfully been in the forefront of asbestos defense for over two decades. Attorneys within our Toxic Tort practice group have defended multiple claims where injury or death was litigated due to L-tryptophane, silicosis, multiple sclerosis and mixed connective tissue disease claims; multiple chemical sensitivities and occupational asthma; sulfuric acid exposures; tobacco smoke exposures (primary and secondary); drug reactions; heavy metal exposures; welding fume, PCB, TCE, beryllium, EMG’s, diatomaceous earth, benzene, talc, silicon dioxide (Carborundum), reflective brick (chromium and silica) and copper smelter exposures; aluminum potroom hormone, fly ash, kerosene, diesel fumes, mineral spirits, naphthalene, toluene, solvents and pesticides exposures.

Our environmental section has defended many actions including those claims whether characterized as common law torts or statutory actions under California’s Proposition 65, the Federal Clean Water Act, the Resource Recovery and the Conservation Act. Since the passage of Proposition 65 in California, RMKB has had significant experience litigating both parts of the law: discharge of pollutants into drinking water and citizen-suits targeting labels on consumer products.