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Insurance fraud, both first-and third-party, has been a growing concern for insurance companies. RMKB has responded by increasing the number of attorneys skilled in the handling of these cases. Our insurance fraud group is headed by a veteran of the U.S. Attorney’s Office who is exceptionally well qualified in these quasi-criminal matters.

First-Party Fraud

When an insured is suspected of making a fraudulent claim, we handle all phases of the case, from investigation and examination to the writing of opinion letters. Our extensive experience with the insurance industry has given us great sensitivity both to the needs of the carrier and the rights of the insured.

We have successfully handled cases involving arson, faked burglaries, faked auto burglaries, and personal theft. In one case, involving a claim that $75,000 in inherited jewelry had been stolen during a burglary, we researched the probate records and proved that the jewelry in question had in fact never been inherited.

Third-Party Fraud

Third-party insurance fraud often involves a network of accomplices or collusion between health care providers and particular attorneys. These cases can be complex and costly to handle. Our goal is to keep the expense to a reasonable minimum while making a fair assessment of the liability. By applying good business judgment along with legal knowledge, we are invariably able to avoid the expense of a courtroom trial.

On a number of occasions, we have prepared major fraud cases for prosecution by the California Department of Insurance. In one such case, we represented the claimants in a credit card fraud operation in which Bay Area business people had been used to launder receipts. We identified the operators and turned the case over to the Department of Insurance.