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RMKB has maintained expertise in appellate law for more than 50 years. Starting with our first published appeal in 1952 to the present, our lawyers have skillfully managed all facets of appellate work. Our attorneys have been involved in thousands of appellate cases that have resulted in hundreds of published decisions in the state and federal courts. Our work has led to many landmark decisions, including those involving stipulated judgments, the peculiar risk doctrine, medical coverage, punitive damages and others.

With offices in Northern and Southern California, Massachusetts and New York, RMKB maintains a strong presence in appellate courts. Our appellate attorneys have handled cases in virtually every area of civil litigation, including commercial law, product liability, tort litigation, insurance coverage and bad faith, civil procedure, intellectual property and discrimination. This broad range of experience gives us a particular advantage when managing all of a large client’s appellate work, irrespective of which firm may have served as counsel in the trial court.


Our appellate lawyers pride themselves on being able to produce a quality appellate product at a reasonable cost. We are sensitive to the increasing concerns of the individual litigants, the corporate litigant and of the insurance industry to monitor closely the rising costs of litigation and are able to produce an appellate work product at a highly competitive rate and at a cost substantially below that of other firms specializing in this work.

Appellate Counseling Services

It is our belief that one of the most important functions of appellate counsel is to advise clients initially on whether an appeal should be prosecuted at all, and whether a case should be settled after trial rather than on appeal. Our familiarity with the appellate courts and the justices who sit on those courts allows us to counsel clients regarding their chances on appeal and the risks of making bad law which would have an adverse effect upon you, your company or your industry at large. This service should be considered immediately after the trial of the underlying case. This type of early analysis can assist in bringing cases which should be settled to a speedy conclusion.

Likewise, important issues may be positioned for appeal by our carefully monitoring litigation involving those issues, assisting with post-trial motions and then persuasively presenting the issue to the appellate court. Our appellate lawyers are skilled in managing complex legal issues and multiple cases presenting the same or similar issues in diverse forums. We strive to identify areas of developing appellate law of concern to our clients and advise of trends affecting their interests.


If you are seeking appellate assistance, RMKB has the talent, experience and versatility to provide that assistance either in the form of counseling after trial and before appeal, or in the event an appeal is taken, with vigorous advocacy throughout its pendency in the appellate courts. Regardless of whether your litigation matter was handled by a RMKB litigator or one from another firm, we suggest that you consider RMKB for the handling of the appeal. We have extensive experience in handling referrals and frequently work with in-house counsel or counsel from other firms who have handled the underlying litigation.