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Litigation Management/Cost Control/Fee Disputes

Review of Legal Invoices

We have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and we can offer our expert opinion on the reasonableness & necessity of legal fees in many contexts: Fee-shifting fee applications; apportionment issues; fee disputes with lawyers. Many times we are asked to opine on the reasonableness of charges before they are paid by a public entity.

Litigation Management

While legal matter management technology is important and we embrace and use it extensively, nothing is more useful than experience and judgment and that is really what we offer as our most important resource. A group of lawyers who have “been there and done that” and have learned what works and what probably doesn’t -- yet who are willing to try new approaches to solve a problem. We do not necessarily want to scan in and code each and every word of every document UNLESS it will get us something we have to have and can use. We do not want to do many mock trials unless we believe that it will refine the presentation in beneficial ways that deliver a great benefit for the cost. We don’t want dozens of lawyers working on a case unless this is needed and if it is just for a brief period of time. We don’t want misleading early evaluations of the range of liability and cost to litigate a matter and a panicked revision right before trial. Important and difficult management problems arise when defending cases pending across several jurisdictions. Whether the litigation involves a single multi-jurisdictional case or a large number of "pattern" individual cases filed in many jurisdictions, Ropers Majeski has the comprehensive experience to manage all of its aspects.

We help to locate the right law firms(s) using RFP's, develop strategies, guidelines and operating budgets, in some cases we consistently control all phases of discovery, prepare dispositive and pre-trial motions and supporting briefs, handle court appearances, coordinate with local counsel, select experts, try the case and handle any appeal. Our firm has the resources and expertise to manage such litigation on our own or as part of a cooperative venture with outside or corporate counsel.