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Entertainment - Representative Experience

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  • Result
  • Validity of Employment Contract
  • Arbitration
  • LLC
  • Julian Pardo de Zela
  • Represented a Limited Liability Corporation in an arbitration to determine the scope and validity of employment contracts involving a critically acclaimed motion picture.


  • An Arbitrator awarded the LLC with the rights to the copyrighted film.

  • contract, net share, music
  • N/A
  • Lael D. Andara
  • Client was in negotiations with a record company as to his continuing his activities as a music producer and writer in an exclusive capacity.  Review and counseled on offered contract.  Counsel as to how to obtain copyrights on music compositions.  

  • music; licensing; creative; business; owner; catalog; entertainment
  • Supreme Court New York County
  • Advertising Agency
  • Represented emmy award winning composer and songwriter in connection with a business ownership and employment dispute that settled favorably before trial.

  • Entertainment; event; international; partnership; breach; contract
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • Defendant International Event Producer
  • Spencer C. Martinez
  • Represented the producer of a popular international music festival against claims by a past worker and contributor, that she was entitled to a prospective ownership interest or other financial stake in the business as a result of her contributions. 

  • On behalf of our out-of-state Clients, we secured additional time to respond to the Complaint and engaged Plaintiff in dialogue in effort to resolve the dispute.  The matter was resolved swiftly on favorable terms, and the case was dismissed without any need for our Clients to formally appear.  

  • Electronic; dance; music; events; partnership; contract; conversion
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • Defendant/cross-complainant, Electronic Dance Music Event Founder And Proprietor
  • Spencer C. Martinez
  • Represented the defendant (the founder and proprietor of a large San Francisco-based weekly electronic dance event) against claims by a former event worker that she and others were defendant's "implied partners," retroactive to the event's inception.  

  • The plaintiff/event worker, who our client hired when the business was in its nascent stages, claimed years later that she and others were entitled to a partnership interest in the business.  (Our client had by then developed the business into a large and successful enterprise.)  Plaintiff made her initial demand for partnership after misappropriating substantial cash receipts of the business, and attempting to use her possession of these funds to leverage her demand.  When our client refused, plaintiff filed a lawsuit claiming that the business was always a partnership.  We defeated successive motions by plaintiff for injunctive relief which would have required our client to (among other things) account to plaintiff and make plaintiff a de facto manager of the business pending resolution of the action.  We also counterclaimed against plaintiff to recover the money misappropriated, and obtained a court order requiring plaintiff to deposit the money with the court to ensure its preservation.   Following a five-week trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict finding that plaintiff’s claim of “partnership” against our client was wholly without merit.  The jury also found for our client on his counterclaim, resulting in final judgment in our client’s favor (and against the plaintiff) for the money taken, plus substantial interest and costs.